It was National Siblings Day last Friday. Does every person/animal/thing get a special day now? Isn’t it all too weird and narcissistic?

I shouldn’t talk… I used to harp about having a National Tricia Day. Better yet, an International Tricia Day!

On Friday I did click on my sister’s Facebook page to see what she was doing. Then I clicked on her husband’s page. I look in on them every few days so there’s nothing unusual about any of this except for one little fact.

My sister has no idea I exist.

I should clarify, she is my half-sister and she has no idea I exist.

I was put up for adoption a few years before she was born. My existence has always been a secret.

Well it was a secret until the BC Government allowed me to open up my adoption papers. So it’s not a secret anymore.

My mother and I know the truth and I have promised not to tell my sister.

The temptation to look at someone you share DNA with is just too strong. I like to see what the family is up too. A couple of years ago my sister posted a picture of my mother. That was the first time I had ever seen her face.

So on National Siblings Day I stalked my sister. And she was oblivious to it all.

I’m glad some people don’t know the benefit of keeping their Facebook pages private.

Insert evil laugh here…



  • Holy smokes. This is a mind bender.. Tricia, I hope that one day you and your sister may connect in a healthy, un-promise breaking, sort of way. Sisters are sort of great. xox

    • I’m good with the current situation… who knows what will happen in the future. And yes, some sisters are great, but some maybe not so much 🙂

  • Lin

    Makes me sad….

    • Ah Lin… don’t be sad. So many people have far bigger family problems! I find it all fascinating.

  • Deb

    Your family that doesn’t know you exist also has no idea who they are missing. I feel very sad for them.

    But then again, more of your time for those of us who do have you in our lives!

  • Lin

    I am just reading a terrific (for me) book, entitled MY SECRET SISTER. True story, Tricia, and I think you might like it, or identify. Bought it at Costco, and wish it would not end.

    • I’ll check it out… Thanks Lin.