Happy New Year

The phrase says it all, “Happy New Year.”

It dawned on me that it might be that simple.


There will be hopes and prayers, resolutions and goals, parties and fireworks.

But what if we just spent 2015 asking ourselves one question?

Does this make me happy or unhappy?

Then opt for the happy one.

The trick might be to know what makes you truly happy.

I’m pretty sure you will know the answer.

Then choose happy.

It will be more difficult than you think.

But happier.

  • Tara

    Reading this New Year’s blog. Note: 1 pre-New Year’s “happy.” What a good start.
    Thank you. Happy New Year everyone.

  • Tina

    Thank you Tricia! Happy New Year to you too! Thinking of those happy days at Sutton Place enjoying their New Year’s Day brunch!

    • Tina… those were the days!! Happy 2015!!

  • Happy New Year to you.
    Yes, it is so much better to live in the present, and be grateful
    for each day, even though some are more challenging than others.
    We do not have to look very hard to realize we are all so fortunate to
    live in Canada.
    Here is to a Happy Year !!
    xo Wendy

    • Too true Wendy, too true!

  • Tegan

    Ah, I love this! Thank you, Tricia! Deeply uplifting and liberating truth.