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Morally Wrong

When is laughing at something “morally wrong”, wrong? When my friend uses “hand quotes” to warn me that his next comment or sentence will be “morally wrong”, why do I laugh even harder? Am I morally wrong? When did our society become so politically correct? Or maybe so incorrect? I can sit here in the […]


“I don’t want you to send me a picture of your junk.” I found that sentence scrawled on a scrap of paper with a line crossing it out.  If it’s crossed out that means the story has been written and added into my book. It’s done. Is this what it is to be a writer? […]


Today is Wednesday and blog posting day. Only one word has come to mind. Profound. I am beginning to hate the word. Where did people get the idea I automatically sit down and attempt to write profound musings? Today the pressure was inhibiting. The reality… I tell little stories; I don’t try to be profound […]


My contention is that what happens after you die is none of your business. Still I have prepared for my inevitable death and aftermath as much as I can. I’m a practical person and one of the first in my circle of friends to have a will drawn up.  It seemed like the proper thing […]


She asked, “What stifles you”? That’s a good question. Am I stifled?  My first reaction is nothing stifles me.  But I guess the real deal is that no outside source stifles me.  I’m pretty direct and don’t hold back much.  And who would actually try to stifle me? I don’t think many would try. These […]


This week I will turn 55.  In my mind I officially become old. Don’t bother me with your proclamations that you are only as old as you feel.  Or only as young as you feel.  Rubbish. I’m old. I’ve wished for my own death so many times, to find myself still alive is to say […]

The C-Word

People casually use the F-word these days.  Fuck this, fuck that, fucking hell, he’s a fucker…. You fuck! I find it hard to take when a person you assume never swears uses the word.  It’s a bit of a reality check.  When Mrs. B said it, I laughed.  I never thought of her as a […]

The Three Rules of Dating

“I’m going on a date next week, do you have any advice” “Yes” “Really?” “You have to know three things.  If you know them you will get to have a boyfriend.” “Three things, OK, tell me what they are” “Number one, the girl never says I love you before the boy says I love you.  […]

They Are Watching

The government has been watching us for years. So am I stressed about the new allegations? No, not so much. I had the power of the system work on my behalf eight years ago so I may be tainted.  It only took the government a mere 24 hours to track down and locate my birth […]

Long Lost Scot

It’s odd to keep a letter from someone you hardly know.  Even odder to come across it twenty three years later.  When do you think this type of happening is serendipity and not just coincidence? Add in the Scottish connection and I could fabricate a full blown conspiracy theory!  OK, I’m kidding, no conspiracy here… […]