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Blonde Again

The more things change, the more they stay the same. On my last blog, I explained that I was going back to Scotland to celebrate turning 60 because I did the trip to mark my 50th birthday. For months I’ve also been remembering what and who I was when I turned 40. Funny how big […]


They laughed. And not just a little giggle, but a full belly laugh. Then others laughed. I don’t think I’ve ever done something so simple to make so many people laugh. How could I not do it again and again? And just like that @VanCityPenguin was born. It started as a little joke to do […]

Return to Scotland

Ten years ago I made the decision to walk Scotland’s West Highland Way and Great Glen Way to celebrate my 50th birthday. The half-century celebration was a 297km solo trek through the Highlands. Starting near Glasgow, and ending in Inverness. The walk took 13 days, then I headed to Aberdeen to meet some very distant […]

The Dance Continues…

This is a re-post of my blog from March last year. (I’ve revised some of the photos.) It seemed the appropriate piece for this day, January 31, 2018, when depression is in the spotlight with the incredible @BellLetsTalk Campaign. The Depression Dance I battle depression but it’s not always a fight… Sometimes it’s a negotiation. […]

Good Should Win

“The more things change the more they stay the same.” Years ago, OK, decades ago, I was in charge of hiring performers to appear on some of the biggest and most famous advertising campaigns in Western Canada. I was also in charge of the overall budgets of those campaigns. The client would give us a […]

2018 – The Year of the Penguin

We all thought 2016 was a bad year. We were a little delusional that 2017 would be better. As this year winds down I believe it’s time for a helpful reboot. Just thinking positive thoughts and counting blessings hasn’t been enough. With this in mind, I am proclaiming 2018 will be the “Year of the […]

Change Sucks

Why is change so difficult? Even if it’s something we want it can throw your life into chaos. If it’s something we don’t want, well then there’s a mountain of negative frenzy to plow through. I don’t like change. Negative or positive. But I also know that deciding not to change may be the worst […]

For Dad

Again, this weekend will be for Dad. My blog from last year, and I do believe I will be re-posting this every year! ________________________________________________________________________________________________ There was never any doubt I would be running the Salvation Army Santa Shuffle again this year. I also knew it would be the topic of my blog this week. As […]


This past week I read a Facebook post by someone I used to consider a dear friend. We don’t see each other anymore. He’s moved on. I find that often happens when a friend starts to date someone or even more dramatically, when they move in or get married to the love of their life. […]