A Beaver

Yes. I know it’s Wednesday. Believe me, I know.

And instead of writing a blog for this week I spent my time writing a story about Vancouver. I found out about a brilliant writing contest, Pointgreynow put on by Ken Wyder. The idea caught my attention and in turn caught all my available time.

You won’t be able to read it unless Ken thinks it’s good enough to become a finalist.

I’ve got my fingers crossed.

(I did do a few other things this week. Turned 56. Survived a heatwave in Vancouver. Wrote a script for a crowd-sourcing campaign for “Cuffed, the Vancouver International Crime Fiction Festival.” Saw a beaver (a real beaver in the river swimming next to me as I walked along a trail 5 minutes from my home!) Found an iPhone, found the iPhone’s owner, returned the iPhone. Let FitBit push me to walk more. And most important, felt the love from so many friends that sent me lovely notes for my birthday. So in the end… I didn’t write a blog this week… but I felt blessed. And I saw a beaver!)

Beaver web

  • Tara

    Gorgeous hot summer pic.

    • I wonder if it is a relative of the beaver we saw there on Christmas Day?

  • Deb

    You know that beaver actually lives quite a distance from you but he made the journey that day to see you and wish you a Happy Birthday!

    • ah… the elusive Birthday Beaver! rarely seen but always remembered!

  • Lin

    I’m sorry I didn’t know it was your birthday… but I wish you a happy day EVERY day! And the beaver must have special meaning!

  • Good luck with the contest Tricia! Also, a happy (belated) birthday to you! 🙂